Discovering St.Barths (Saint-Barthélemy) is adopting rapidly the almost-unique road following the one-track road from the caribbean coast to the atlantic one.
It's also realizing how close things are and how it is easy to go freely from one place to another.

A Good choice for a family car is the APV Suzuki 8 seats, it is well adapted if you want to enjoy the unique moment in group. Among the 4X4 you can find the 2 doors Suzuki Jimny characterized by a modern and reassuring look and is enlightened by the convertible version.
You can also have the 5 doors and 4X4 Daihatsu Terios Berline which has got a little something of a limo.
The Hyundai i10 is the smallest 5 doors urban car on the market. Its size is its asset.
The cabriolet Mini Cooper, charming and mythic in version cabriolet. A luxury note, elegant convertible BMW. The largest, the most powerful...The most beautiful!! 20 seconds for an inside air-conditioned driving.

All the cars are in good conditions, secure and all meet up with the expectancies of St.Barths.
Have you made your mind yet? Do you need any help?

Then Turn it on, drive... and enjoy!!

A team at your disposal 24/7.
Customize your stay, ask for any advice on how to adapt your driving: family, fun, open air...
Our range of cars will help you fulfill all your desires so you can escape and then just enjoy the pleasure of driving.