General Terms of Sale

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General Terms of Sale

The less rents to the lessee whose signature appears on the reverse of this page, the vehi- cle described on the rental contract, on the terms and conditions states on both sides of this rental contract which the lessee accepts and agrees to observe.

Article 1 - USE OF THE CAR - Under penalty of cancellation of the insurance policy, renter agrees not to allow the car to be driven by other person than himself of those approved by the hirer and how he is answering for, to use the vehicle only for his personal require- ments, to take parts in no competition, not to push or tow any vehicle or trailer, not to take any paying passengers, not to apply directly for custom’s documents, not to over- load the rented vehicle by taking a number of passengers above the one stated on the car license.

Article 2 - CONDITIONS OF THE CAR - The vehicle conditions form will be done by the hirer with the renter who will approve by signing the form. The car is delivered in perfect work- ing order and in clean condition. The vehicle will be returned in the same condition; oth- erwise the renter shall have to pay the cleaning and overhauling costs. The tires are in fair conditions. In case of damage to one of them for a reason other than wear and dear, the renter agrees to replace it at once by a tire of the same size and obviously similar wear.

Article 3 - INSURANCE - Renter is insured against following risks:
For accidents that may cause to third person, with the exclusion of renter, his wife or husband, ascendant and offspring, and the driver.
The renter can decline or accept the hirer’s insurance.

  • If the renter decline the hirer’s insurance, he will indebted the hirer of the total repairs.
  • If the renter accepts the hirer’s insurance, he will pay the daily rate show for each day or fraction there of, CDW or renter’s responsibility for accidental collision damage to vehicle, less a deductible mentioned on the contract. Regardless of negligence, violation of any of the provision of this agreement makes renter full liable for damage to vehicle even if renter has paid for CDW. Operating the vehicle under effects of drugs and alco- hol will cancel the insurance. This insurance does not cover partial items and the renter shall be liable for loss and tires, mirrors, tools, radio, key and any piece of part of the vehicle that could be dismantled or any other form removed from the vehicle.
  • The renter acknowledges delivery of the motor vehicle free from damage, except as may be specifically noted is the condition form, and agrees to pay to the hirer an amount equal to the cost of repairing, of replacing, of the satisfaction of the hirer any damage to the vehicle occurring after its delivery into his custody and before redelivery to the hirer.
  • Under of penalty of cancellation of insurance policy, renter agrees:
    1. a) To report within 12 H to the hirer any accident, theft or fire, even partial and concur- rently to the police and bodily injury or theft.
    2. b) To mention in this report the circumstances, date, hour, place of the accident, name and address of the witness, car’s number of the opposing party as welt as the name of his insurance company and number of his policy.
    3. c) To attach to the report any police gendarmerie statement or affidavit made by a process-sewer, if any.
    4. d) To refrain from arguing about the responsibility, from dealing or compounding with third persons regarding the accident.
  • The vehicle is insured only for the rental period shown on the reverse side of this page. Thereafter, unless an extension is agree to, the hirer declines all responsibility for Accidents which the lessee may have caused and for which he alone shall be responsible.
  • The hirer declines all responsibility for injury to third parties of damage to the vehi- cle which the lessee may cause during the rental period if he has wilfully supplied the hirer with false information as to his identity, his address or his driver’s licence. In that case, the lessee is not covered by the insurance policy.
  • Against theft and burning of the renter vehicle, except carelessness of the renter.
  • Clothes and any all items carried on the car are not covered.

Article 4 - HIRING-DEPOSIT-PROLONGATION - The rental fees as well as the deposit amount are fixed by the laws in force and are payable in advance in no case the deposit can be used for a prolongation of the hiring. In order to avoid any dispute and in the event renter should want to keep the hirer agreement he shall have to forward the amount of the rental in progress otherwise he may be liable to judicial prosecution for the reason of mis- appropriation of a car or embezzlement.

Article 5 - MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS - Normal mechanic wear and tear is part of hirer duty. And any all repairs arising either from abnormal wear and tear of from want of care on the part of the renter shall be chargeable to him and carried out by us. In the event of the immobilization of the vehicle, the repairs shall be carried out only after written approval and according to instructions of hirer. The repairs must be fully itemized in a receipted bill: the replaced defective parts ought to be produced together with the receipted invoice. Under no circumstances, shall the renter be able to claim indemnity either for delay in delivering the car, cancellation of the hiring or immobilization in the event of repairs carried out during the renting term. Hirer shall never be held liable, even in case of accidents of persons or property arising out of defects of defaults in construc- tion of in former repairs.

Article 6 - REPATRIATION OF THE CAR - Renter expressly prohibits himself from abandon- ing the vehicle.

Article 7 - Renter agrees to pay all cost, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by hirer in collecting some due or in regaining possession of vehicle or en enforcing or recovering any damage, losses or claims against renter.

Article 8 - RESPONSIBILITY - Renter remains solely liable for the fines, reports and official statements drawn up against him self.

Article 9 - JURIDICTION - Any and all dispute which may arise between hirer and renter shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts on the location of the head office of hirer.

Cancellation policy :

  • If the rental is cancelled less 15 days before, 3 days will be charged
  • If the rental is cancelled less 3 days before, 50% of the rental will be charged
  • If the rental is cancelled the day of the arrival, the totality of the rental will be charged